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Classroom Assessment

Why is this topic important?

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In the last decade, states have implemented content standards, testing programs, and accountability mechanisms as primary tools for raising student achievement.  As a result, teachers and administrators need ongoing support in organizing teaching and learning around more rigorous standards and in building cultures that use assessment information to improve learning outcomes.


What resources can we suggest?

Improving assessment in the science classroom

 PDF icon 
 How to Assess Student Performance in Science: Going Beyond Multiple-Choice Tests

PDF icon How to Assess Student Performance in Science: Using Classroom Assessments to Enhance Learning

Improving assessments in history

PDF icon  How to Assess Student Performance in History: Beyond Multiple-Choice

Improving formative assessment in literacy

Training iconComprehensive Assessment of Reading Toolkit for Professional Developers 
Toolkit includes print and multi-media materials. For more information, email us.

PDF icon  Tools for Providing Feedback in Reading: A Reading Assessment Handbook for
  All Teachers in Grades 3-12


classroomFormative and Diagnostic Assessment Approaches in Math & Science and Implications for Classroom Teachers

This three-part Webinar series was designed to help educators understand emerging research in the area of formative and diagnostic assessment approaches in mathematics and science and implications for elementary through high school teachers and students. Educators learned about the research and development on several diagnostic tools designed to track and support student learning and provide timely feedback to teachers.


A Teacher's Guide to Classroom Assessment A Teachers' Guide to Classroom Assessment: Understanding and Using Assessment to Improve Student Learning 

This comprehensive guide shows step-by-step how to effectively integrate assessment into the classroom. Written for both new and seasoned teachers, this important book offers a practical aid for developing assessment skills and strategies, building assessment literacy, and ultimately improving student learning. Price $29.95 For ordering information, visit the Jossey Bass Website.